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Official Site of Jay King

The Many Faces of Jay King



Jay King was the first independent label owner in the modern record business to have a debut act (timex social club) on a brand new label (Jay Records) using only independent distributors go #1 on the Billboard Magazine Black Music Charts and Win Best Selling 12 inch (Rumors) with a first release.

Who is Jay King?

Jay King is a Jack of All Trades and Master of Many. Best known for popularizing independent record releases by selling 3.5 million copies of the single and 12 inch of the record "Rumors" by the Timex Social Club using strictly independent distributors. 

 King has always been seen as cutting edge, forward thinking and ahead of the curb when it cost to new visionary ways to access an audience. He is a solo artist, radio show host, leader and co creator of the group Club Nouveau, 

Radio: KDEE 97.5FM


Jay King is making a name in an industry he was born to be in, .... radio, and

KDEE affternoons are made for

The  Traffic Jam

hosted by  Jay King

Set against the daily working of an all listener supported radio station, this unique afternoon drive time show features classic r&b hit records from the 60s to the 90s, coupled with today’s current music by classic R&B artists.

Sacramento request line 916-921- 5333 

Tuesday- Thursday from 3 to 7pm PST

To listen click:


The Jay King Network


Jay has continued to blaze trails in all directions and a few years ago, He recognized the potential in online radio,  assembled a team, set up shop on Blog Talk Radio and The Jay King Network was born. 

This special hub of unique, exclusive online programming brings you challenging shows as well as well informed programming uniquely tailored to keep you in a conscious phase

It's anchoring now iconic morning show Kings In The Morning, brings 4 uniques personalities together live and daily to face a handpicked barrage of topics and emotions over current matters with phone in guests welcome. 

Just watch out for that "Mute Button"....

Kings in the Morning


(online radio network) 

Monday - Friday from 8am to 10am PST listen by phone 515-605-9376

Creative Music Exchange 2019


One of Jay's premiere labors of love is the annual Creative Music Exchange. 

Attendees stream in on an international level, to Sacramento Ca and experience a unique, innovative hands-on music conference. An emerging who’s who’s of media industry experts and gurus assemble to share knowledge, hear workshops and panels in classroom settings, and just plain network themselves into pole position for success in the music industry. The growing attendance is attested to one's will to harness and mine the networking and conversational opportunities provided, while discussing the status of current music marketing and production.

Learn about our 2019 Creative Music Exchange and all updated informatio

Registration is NOW OPEN




I do love helping talented, hard-working musicians out one-on-one, but just can't dedicate the time necessary to help everyone. So, I've setup a consulting program where if you're serious enough to pay for a session then I'm serious enough to sit down and talk it out with you. I've settled on rates that's worth my time and won't break your bank. I've consulted musicians ranging from full-time touring bands selling out venues around the country, to singer/songwriters looking to book their first show. I worked with a 67 year old musician now looking to get serious with music (after retiring from his office job) and a 35 year old dad with a wife and three kids trying to figure out how to work music into the equation (without hitting the road). I created a pitch, plan and proposal that got a 25 year old singer/songwriter to secure a $100,000 investment. I helped a band break into the college market (making LOTS of money) and helped a singer/songwriter negotiate the terms of her producer contract. I've worked with bands and musicians of every genre. I will take a brief look at the material you send me (website, Facebook, youtube, etc) before our first session so I can best understand your project. If you don't have anything setup yet and nothing recorded, that's totally fine. Just let me know that. Please don't ask me how to make you a star like I have the magic star bullet and will shoot it through the Skype screen and POOF you're a star. Please come with specific questions and we can brainstorm ways on how to build your career. Come prepared. Let's get specific. Don't just show me a song and say "what now." Come with a vision of where you'd like to see your career going. What is your one year goal? 5 year goals? Do you want to tour? Do you want to build a social following? Are you releasing an album? Do you want to sell out a local show? Are you looking for more press? Do you want to break into the college market? Do you want to figure out ways to make more money? Trying to figure out why you aren't gaining traction? We can dig into it. But please please please come with some specific questions. If you want me to spend the entire session listening to every song on your album and giving my thoughts on that, I can do that. If you'd like to setup a consulting session with me you can do that here. As soon as I receive payment I'll get in touch to find a time that works for us. If you don't hear from me within 24 hours email Jayking62@gmail.com I highly recommend you read my book first before signing up. Many of your questions may be answered in there.

Booking/Management/Consulting: Jayking62@gmail.com 



I decided to start writing books on the music Business after talking to not just artists, but artist managers and even lawyers who only understood their parts of the business and not have a comprehensive understanding of the overall industry. I looked for books on the music Business to see how they covered each part of the business and what I found was either they spoke over the heads of the reader or they brushed past different subjects, such as publishing. 

I decided I would write, simple, easy to understand, plain English, bullet point styled books and that they would be on one subject per book, i.e publishing, royalties, distribution, marketing, etiquette etc.... so here are the first three, there are more to come but this is where we will start. After you’ve gotten into them let me know what you think, if the information is good and how I can improve them to make them work better for you, because after all, I’m writing to help you become more educated, better equipped and more confidant as you step into the wonderful world of music. 

Enjoy the journey and believe in YOU!!! Jay King

E-Books & Hard copies available

Passport To The Music Business

"Everything Royalties"

Passport To The Music Business

"Everything Distribution"